About Us

Hi y’all! My name is Steve and I’m fairly new to real estate. I’m also an artist, musician, writer and long time airline employee. I became a landlord in November of 2016 when I decided to rent out my first house and move into another one, “house-hack,” if you will. I also recently discovered the wonderful world of Podcasts and became hooked on many real estate and entertainment Podcasts, especially Bigger Pockets. As a member of Bigger Pockets, I met Myka at a meetup and his stories about being an Airbnb host blew my mind! I’ve guested at Airbnb’s all over the world and have always wanted to be a host myself. Myka and I both shared a love for Airbnb and Podcasts and decided, “why not make our own Podcast?!” And that’s how “Live Let Thrive” was born. So I’ve added Podcast host to my resume and hopefully soon, Airbnb host!

Hi y’all! My name is Myka and I first got involved in real estate while I was in college. I bought my first property in Little Rock, AR under the kiddie condo program while I was a sophomore in college in 2009. I lived in that house until I moved to Texas in 2013. I then began to rent that house out. At the end of 2015 my wife and I bought our first house together in Texas. We began using our two extra bedrooms as Airbnb’s in May of 2017 after we seen how successful we were at renting out our condo on Airbnb. I have found Airbnb to be really lucrative. My wife and I love talking about it and teaching others about it. I love podcasts, real estate, sports, and video games. Steve and I had the same interests so we decided to start our own podcast and we have just recently started a local Airbnb meetup for Airbnb hosts and guests in the Arlington, TX area. I’m a network engineer by day and a Airbnb host by night.